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The Process

Step 1: Program Meeting

We begin by working with you to establish a program for the works and confirm dates for service delivery.

Step 2: Weekly Liaison

Our project manager will stay in contact with your nominated representative to ensure plans are on schedule.

Step 3: Project Scheduling

During this step, we’ll establish a preferred method of delivering the works, induct any required staff into your OHS&E program and deliver job sheets, which cover equipment required, asphalt design, logistics and special requirements.

Step 4: Resident Outreach

If necessary, our staff will arrange a letter drop or other correspondence to properly prepare anyone affected by the proposed works in advance. This will include contact details for answering any concerns that they have and consideration of residents with special requirements.

Step 5: Site Works

Our eight-person crews (plus a supervisor) will prepare the roads for works, deliver the works and co-ordinate with other subcontractors to ensure we maximise the effectiveness of the time and resources used on the project.

Step 6: Post Works

We will meet with your representative to ensure all work is of a high standard and our project coordinator will sign off on all the job sheets. Where required, we will arrange for coring to take place and all information including invoices and dockets are forwarded to the project co-ordinator.

Step 7: Warranty

We will provide you with the appropriate warranty for the works to ensure optimal satisfaction with the product.

Our structure allows for flexibility and we can adapt to the requirements of almost any project. Get in touch with us to discuss your future project and how we might be able to fulfil your goals.