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At Roads 2000, our long history of supplying asphalt across Perth and throughout remote and regional Western Australia has made us one of the best asphalt and paving contractors in the business, when it comes to providing high standard surfacing solutions.  

We take great care to make sure our product is the best you can get and our range of leading asphalt plants, including our mobile plant, mean we’re the best option for your next project if quality is your priority. Whether you’re requiring an asphalt contractor in a regional area, on a remote mine site, or across the Perth metro area, rely on our expert team to provide a high-quality service on time and on budget.

Why Choose Roads 2000 Asphalt Services Contractors?

At Roads 2000, our asphalt paving contractors are committed to delivering a superior result.

  • Our asphalt laying can be counted on to last. 
  • We work with asphalt paving contractors and suppliers to maximise efficiency. 
  • Our company structure means you avoid delays. 
  • When it comes to your asphalt paving needs, we never skimp on quality. 
  • Over 25 years of industry experience.

Asphalt Care

The Asphalt Paving Process

The presentation of an asphalt surface depends very much on its treatment during the first few months after installation. The surface binder is soft until it oxidises and the following should be avoided during this period:

  • Extreme turning of rubber-tyred vehicles especially with power steering.
  • Traffic prior to the asphalt cooling to 40°C or below.
  • Leaking of any oil or petroleum product on the surface.
  • Point loading the surface e.g., trailer jockey wheel, motorcycle stand.

There are measures that our experienced asphalt contractors in Perth will take to help limit the damage, including the following:

  • Apply thin layer of sand or grit to promote slippage of rubber-tyred vehicles. Note that appropriate signage should warn road users of the presence of the sand.
  • Apply water to the finished asphalt surface to accelerate the cooling process.
  • In the case of petroleum product spills, apply kitty litter or sand to the affected area immediately and remove and replace the material when saturated.
  • Place a plank or similar to distribute the weight from the point loading.

At Roads 2000, we only rely on the most experienced asphalt contractors in Perth, WA, when it comes to your asphalt paving needs.  Quality is important to us, and we can provide advice to clients on the care of asphalt where required. If you require an asphalt contractor in the metro or regional areas of the state for your next project or job,contact us today on 08 9202 0800.


For more information on our quality asphalt contracting services, and the process of bituminous surfacing, please see and download our references below.


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Roads2000 - Notes #06 Asphalt Care

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