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Our specialist kerbing company, Kerb Direct, works seamlessly with Roads 2000 and other contractors to operate as a full-service organisation.

Our kerbing contractors in Perth are committed to providing a service that goes beyond your expectations and delivers impressive results.

What this means for you:

Our coordination saves you time, money and stress as any questions or issues that arise can be handled within the group. Other project managers need to coordinate with different kerbing contractors in Perth to complete a project. At Roads 2000, we’ll handle the whole project from start to finish.

Our kerbing contractors have been delivering kerbing around Perth for years, and our specialist staff will work with you to ensure all needs are met. We also work with councils and local authorities to make sure kerbing in busy or residential areas is delivered with minimum disruption to the Perth and wider WA community.

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If you need someone to assist with your kerbing needs, our contractors at Roads 2000 in Perth have the solutions you’re after.

To get a quote, contact our team today by calling (08) 9202 0800.